Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Likelihood Wins = More Work For Me

At the BOSS Collaboration Meeting today we decided to make the core sample be composed of the top 20/deg^2 likelihood targets. The rest of the fibers are going to be targeted using a combined method. We're number one! Awesome.

However, this puts the pressure on the likelihood target selection group (me, Joe, David) to get this thing optimized, trained, etc.

First thing on the agenda, fix the luminosity function:
Above shows two different QSO luminosity selection functions as a function of redshift. The green is the Jiang et al. (2008) and the red is the Hopkins, Richards and Hernquist (2007).

I'm going to try running both of them down to 0.5 and see how they compare to what we've been doing. Joe says I shouldn't spend more than a couple days on this.

Adam Myers also suggested another paper to look at: R.J. Assef et al. The Mid-IR and X-ray Selected QSO Luminosity Function

In the mean time I am also re-running the reconstruction on the photo-z SDSS data with the fixed 2-d correlation function. Should have results from that soon. Waiting on Alexia to give me a new crl to see if this fixes the binning issues I was having.

Lots to do lots to do! Feeling excited about life.

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