Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Changing QSO Catalog Inputs

I'm trying to figure out how to modify the inputs (currently SDSS DR5 quasars with good photometry) into Joe's Monte Carlo. Here is what I have figured out so far (all the below files are on riemann): ;main program to generate the QSO Catalog
(calls) → ;generates simulated redshift and i-magnitude based on luminosity function and DR5 inputs
(calls) → ;This generates the training set photometry
(calls) → ;This reads in SDSS data it currently has the following 'DR5' call
qsos = sdss_read_data('DR5', Z_MIN = Z_MIN, Z_MAX = Z_MAX)

Here is a color-color redshift temperature plot of these DR5 QSOs:

I'm going to try to add in the BOSS QSOs with co-added photometry, especially in the redshift range z > 2.0 where we seem to be missing QSOs:

I found that there are 1,973 BOSS quasars that have a redshift above 2.0 for which we also have coadded photometry. Here they are plotted:

While it is a little more filled in in the u-g = 0.8 space, comparing it to all the BOSS quasars (regardless of how good their photometry is) below:

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