Wednesday, October 21, 2009

A Time to Reconstruct

Time for the moment of truth (again). I am confident that the 3D-correlation function is working properly and now I need to see if with these fixes the reconstruction work better.

Here is what I am doing:

I have a set of ~5 million Sloan galaxies from the CAS database. I take these galaxies and confine them to be in Stripe 82 ( -1.25< dec < 1.25 & 0 < ra < 120):

The data is confined to be in Stripe 82

I designate 20% of the 10^6 galaxies as the spectroscopic data set. The rest are my photometric data set. I convert the ra/dec/redshift to x/y/z (in comoving coordinates).

The data in both coordinate systems

I then bin the "spectroscopic" data into "redshift" bins. Below shows an example of one redshift bin (cyan) in the different coordinate systems:

For this run there were 12 bins, 200 Mpc/h wide, from 0 to 2400 Mpc/h.

Now to re-run my fixed correlation functions on the Sloan data, this take a day or so... Results to follow....

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