Friday, October 2, 2009

BOSS Data Kickoff Meeting

Today there was a meeting at LBNL to introduce people to the BOSS Data pipeline.
Some useful links (appologies, those not part of the SDSS collaboration wont be able to view these without membership):
Photometry information:
Photometry will be essentially the same as SDSS-II

Flags information:
It was recommended that I use the new reduction on riemann instead of those on the CAS. Need to get David/Eric to help me to get a catalog of objects to run the reconstruction code on that have good photo-zs.
QSO Truth Table:
Need to see how well likelihood did in comparison to other methods for QSO target selection
View Spectroscopic Data on Riemann
Put these commands in your .bashrc file:
export IDLUTILS_DIR=$HOME/idlutils
export IDLSPEC2D_DIR=$HOME/idlspec2d
export SPECTRO_DATA=/clusterfs/riemann/raid006/bossredux/v5_4_1

In IDL, use "plotspec" to display spectra. For example:
IDL> plotspec, 3552, mjd=55098, 572

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