Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Note to Self...

I spent the rest of the day yesterday and all day today trying to reproduce the plot I made on my October 12th post of Alexia's and my matching 3D correlation functions:

My working 3D correlation function!

I figured this would be a good place to start, and then expand from here on the full-reconstruction of the mock-data. However, when I re-ran the code that I *thought* produced this plot, Alexia's correlation function looked very different. I then spent a day and a half trying to reproduce this plot.

Lessons learned by this experience:
  1. I should store the code I use to make the plots for a given day's blog in the same place I store the images for that day's blog in some sort of log file.
  2. Alexia's code (at least the version I have), assumes you are populating the data in a 1x1x1 box. If you put the data into a box less than 1x1x1, you need to do something to the randoms, because right now they populate a 1x1x1 box.
  3. If you updated the repository more often you wouldn't get this problem because you would have older versions of your code saved on there. So you need to update the repository everyday as a back-up for the log file mentioned above.
And now I have reproduced the plot from above again (and hopefully learned a lesson about note-keeping):

The reason it looks slightly different from above is because I am randomly seeding the random number generator.

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