Thursday, October 1, 2009

Ideas from Talking with Eric

I had a talk with Eric Huff today about the Newman Project. He is interested in possibly using a similar technique on background galaxies, and foreground reconstructed mass distribution (from weak lensing) and then using these two sets as the "photometric" and "spectroscopic" data sets, as a possible way to perhaps dig out errors in your redshift distribution of the background galaxies. It is an interesting idea, however because the two sets do not overlap in redshift space I am not sure if we can do this.

He also was asking about some way to use the photo-z information of the objects in my photometric data in this method, to somehow improve on the photo-zs instead of disregarding that information entirely. I was thinking that perhaps we could use the photoz information in the binning somehow. Or take the photo-z distribution as a starting place for reconstruction. This might be something to think about if the reconstruction continues to not work on it's own.

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