Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Retail Therapy

I had been planning to buy a new computer for a while now, but I decided yesterday's depression would be as good of a reason as any to buy one today. So... I am a proud new owner of a Macbook Pro. For this of you who aren't Mac people, let me just say that Macs are amazing. I've been a big fan for years now. Today I became an even bigger fan when I discovered how easy it is to transfer your old computer's data to your new computer on a Mac. It is really as simple as buying a firewire cable and hooking them up to each other. Everything gets transferred! From your settings, to your bookmarks to your applications. It is amazing. I only had to re-install one thing. And I was transferring from a computer with Leopard to a computer with Snow-Leopard (different versions of the operating system)! This would have taken a week out of my life if I had been doing it on a windows machine.

I talked to Alexia today and she agrees that my 3D correlation functions look funky. It is possible that the reason the reconstruction isn't working is because there is still a problem with these functions. The plan is to go back to comparing the two functions with each other and doing a reconstruction on a mock data box (instead of the Sloan data) so that I can continue to compare to Alexia's working function. David thinks it will be necessary to compare my answer to a simulation anyway, so that this exercise isn't a waste of time.

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