Friday, October 9, 2009

Talking with Weinberg

I ran into David Weinberg at tea at the IAS today. We started talking about the Newman Project.
He suggested that after we get the method working on Stripe 82 using the LRGs as our "spectroscopic sample" and the rest of the galaxies as our "photometric sample" we could compare the reconstructed distribution with spectroscopic "follow-up" surveys such as COSMOS, Vimas?, and DEEP.

Then it would be interesting to break down the main sample (i.e. the rest of the galaxies) by colors and do redshift distribution reconstruction on each type of galaxy. We could also break these into photometric redshift slices and then look at the reconstruction in each slice and break those down by colors, to see if perhaps there is a different spread in the colors.

I thought these were really good ideas and ones that I haven't though of before. Need to talk to Schlegel/Nikhil and see what they think. Oh exciting!

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