Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Still in Failure Mode

I've gone through and re-checked the conversions in my 3D-autocorrelation code to make sure I wasn't making any silly mistakes there. I couldn't find anything

I then decided I would go back to where I know the code is working (my 3D-autocorrelation code is a modification of some 2D (angular) correlation code). The 2D correlation code is comparable to some well-tested code that Alexia has (because it is in the same geometry) and I have in the past run these codes on the same files and gotten the same result. I ran my 2D code and Alexia's 2D code on Martin White's mock file, and I get the following 2D angular correlation functions (wps):

For some reason these aren't matching anymore even though they do match when I run it on a file of Sloan Data:

The plot thickens da da doom....

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