Thursday, August 13, 2009

I am HUGE in Berkeley (and NY) was down last Thursday and not allowing me to post. Sorry for all of you who were eagerly awaiting my blog postings and disappointed by me not fulfilling my quota last week. Apparently my not posting (combined with not returning phone calls) made my father think I had died. Sorry Dad!

Below is the belated post for Thursday:
I re-ran the 3D auto-correlation function code with courser binning as suggested by Alexia. My result is not that different, although I did figure out how to put axes labels and a legend on my plots, so all was not lost!

The numbers in the legend represent the lower edge of the line-of-sight bin of the spectroscopic data in the 3D auto-correlation function in Mpc. So for instance the yellow line is a bin from 0-200 Mpc, the redline is from 600-800 Mpc etc.

I installed Google Analytics on this blog. Apparently my fan base is mostly Berkeley (5 visits -- probably mostly myself?) followed by New York (3 visits -- Demetri? Kathryn?). Unfortunately no visits from Princeton which means Alexia isn't reading this. Ha ha, busted!

Next step is to try calculating the 3D correlation function on a fake data set and comparing it to the known answer to make sure this isn't a bug in my code.

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