Monday, May 10, 2010

Setting Thresholds

I've made a file to use for setting the thresholds. It is objects in Erin's median seeing file (../boss/boss-qso-stripe82median.fits) that are in the following ra/dec ranges:

(-1 < dec ≤ 1) and
(0 < ra ≤ 1) or (20 < ra ≤ 21) or (40 < ra ≤ 41) or
(320 < ra ≤ 321) or (340 < ra ≤ 341) or (359 ≤ ra < 360)

The area of this file is 2 (degrees in dec) × 6 (degrees in ra) = 12 deg2.
The number of targets in this file 43,134.

Ra/Dec of Threshold Targets

I modified the likelihood.script to take as an argument the directory to store the likefile*.fits. So now when you run the likelihood.script you do the following:
./likelihood.script thisrundirectory

This will stores all the likefile*.fits and qsub*.out files in the directory ../likelihood/thisrundirectory

If you don't give the likelihood.script a directory argument it will write in the current directory.

I have found a problem that not all the Stripe-82 quasars in the 3pc catalog are in Erin's median seeing targets catalog. I've pinged him about this. We'll see if he has an idea.

In the mean time, I am determining the thresholds for the old version of the likelihood (v1) on my set of threshold targets above. I'm also re-calculating the likelihoods on the 3pc quasars which I have median seeing for to make sure I get the same numbers again.

The code for this is here: ../logs/
The run directory is here: ../likelihood/likev1

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