Wednesday, May 12, 2010

ALL the Quasars

Recently Dinosaur Comics has been emphasizing ALL of everything. ALL the secrets, ALL the balls, ALL the burgers. So today we are going to creating the QSO catalog with ALL the Quasars.

Before we had a brightness limit and some other cuts, but Hennawi wanted me to see what it looked like with all of them.

I did this by modifying: with the following call to qso_photosamp:
qsos = qso_photosamp(Z_MIN = Z_MIN, Z_MAX = Z_MAX, NOCUTS = NOCUTS, ILIM = 23.0)

Here is what these QSOs look like in color-color space:

And re-running

To create a new QSO Catalog:

Here is what the QSO Catalog looks like in color-color space:

Change likelihood_compute to read in this catalog:
; Read in the QSO file
file2 = '/home/jessica/repository/ccpzcalib/Jessica/likelihood/qsocatalog/QSOCatalog-Wed-May-12-14:03:41-2010.fits'

This run is in the directory:

The log file is here:


On a side note, I looked at Google Analytics for this blog today. It turns out that over it's lifetime 355 Absolute Unique vistors have viewed my blog! These visitors are from 10 countries and 28 different states. Pretty cool! Yet very few people leave comments on my blog. Everyone reading
this, leave a comment so I know you are out there!


Is anyone else having problem's editing their blogspot blog using Google Chrome? It totally messes up the fonts and when I look at the html it is all funky. Seem strange considering google owns both Chrome and blogsplot! Maybe it is their way of punishing Mac users for the iPhone being better than the Google phone.

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