Monday, November 30, 2009

R Packages on Riemann

I asked Michael Jennings to install R on riemann so I can play with this SVM-light thing for the target selection. He installed R but asked me to install any add-on packages into my home directory. Here is how you do this:
  1. Create a directory where you want the R add-on packages to be stored (i.e. /home/jessica/R/library)
  2. Tell R to look for libraries in this location by adding this to your .path file: export R_LIBS=/home/jessica/R/library
  3. Source your .bashrc file to update path changes
  4. Open R
  5. Type the command: install.packages("e1071", lib = '/home/jessica/R/library', repos = "") where "e1071" is the name of the package you want to install, lib is the directory you created to store the packages, and repos is the location to download the packages from.
  6. Test to make sure it was successful by closing R, re-opening and importing package you just installed: library("e1071")
And now you have successfully installed a R package on Riemann. Thanks to Michael for working so quickly. Now, to try this SVM thing on the quasar targeting...

Here's the code (also in like:svmcode.r)

qso = readFITS("smallqso.fits")
star = readFITS("smallstar.fits")
x2 <- as.matrix(star$col[[1]],ncol=5)
x1<- as.matrix(qso$col[[1]],ncol=5)
x <- rbind(x1,x2)
y1= seq(1,smallsize)*0+1
y2= seq(1,smallsize)*0

fy = factor(y)
m = svm(x,fy)
save(list = ls(), file = "./svmcode.Rdata")

Where smallqso.fits and smallstar.fits are subsets of the qso/star templates used in the likelihood calculation. In this run I am using 100,001 objects for these small files, but that run is taking 2+ days so far on my laptop, so I think I'm going to try to do it with less points for this run on riemann (30,000). To load this session image, type: load("./svmcode.Rdata")

To run this file as a script type the following (for some reason the qsub way of running a script isn't working):
R CMD BATCH ./svmcode.r svmcode.out 2> svmcode.err &

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