Monday, November 2, 2009

Populating Randoms

I talked to Nic Ross and Mark Davis about this issue of populating the random declinations in the correlation functions. They both said that this is a well known issue and that (obviously) I want to populate the random declinations with a cosine function. Nic doesn't think this should matter much with my Stripe 82 3D correlation functions because the dec range is small and therefore is ~flat. Still, I am going to see if this matters.

Nic also recommended that I print out the individual elements of the correlation function to see if there is one in particular that isn't behaving properly. By "elements" mean that the 3D correlation function is calculated in the following way:

xi = (dd-2*dr+rr)/(rr);

where dd is the data correlated with itself, dr is the data correlated with the randoms and rr is the randoms correlated with themselves, so I am doing that now too.

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