Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Degrees vs. Radians

Turns out the "List length exceeded MaxList" error was due to the randoms not falling in the same region as the data. I had forgotten to convert my data from radians to degrees in Python (but it was being converted in the C program) and so the C-converted randoms (in x, y, z) did not match the Python-converted data (in x, y, z).

I've fixed this, and get the following 3D correlation functions for my redshift slices of the Mock data (and they look pretty darn good)!

My 3D Correlation function on Mock Data

This makes me want to make the bold statement that all the problems I was having with my 3D correlation functions on the Sloan data was a problem with the data, (not my code)... but I need to check this again because the 2D correlation functions looked ok on the Sloan data. This could be an issue of the photo-z's just being completely wrong, (David keeps saying he doesn't trust the CAS) so the 2D correlation function (which only uses ra and dec) is fine, but once we start using the photo-z's things get messed up.

Another thought I had was that I need to fix this declination random cosine population issue in the 2D correlation function, currently the declinations are being populated using a flat distribution.

Oh today is a good day indeed!

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