Thursday, November 19, 2009

Catalog Woes

It turns out my mock catalog is probably not what I want to be using. I talked to Alexia and Martin White, and I am using a LRG catalog, but I want to be using a halo catalog. This probably means that my clustering properties are nonsensical (because I am generating galaxies based on galaxies, not on halos). Martin said he is going to give me a better catalog to use.

In the mean time I am running on the catalog I have. The reconstruction should work as long as both the photometric and spectroscopic data sets are generated in the same way... even if they don't accurately represent any real distribution on the sky.

The reconstruction is currently running, and I should have it done later today.

I also checked my 3D slice against Alexia's to make sure they match, and they do:

My and Alexia's 3D Correlation functions on
a redshift slice of the mock data

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