Wednesday, September 7, 2011

More streamlining

Martin White keeps telling me I should streamline my code/runs so that it is really easy to re-run with new data/subsets.

I've been working on doing that for running the correlation functions, and running the error analysis. I've written code:


That takes the run directories, and qso-file names as inputs (along with other constants for the correlation) and runs the correlation on all those different files at once.

Then there is code that compares the correlation functions and makes a bunch of pretty plots. I'm running it for the first time now. Hope it all works!

Oh, and I need to talk to Martin White about what to do when certain realizations of the bootstrap/jackknife are negative. This causes problems with fitting the power-law, and also isn't physical. Currently I re-run the realization if it has a negative value for the correlation function, but I don't think this the right thing to do, as it is biasing the bootstrap to have higher clustering values.

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