Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Black Hole Masses

I had a nice chat with Benny Trakhtenbrot this morning about calculating black hole masses and his research. He had some useful suggestions. First he suggested that I look at the McLure and Dunlop 2004 paper instead of the Vestergaard and Peterson 2006 for calculating the black hole masses. I should ask Martin if he agrees.

He also suggested that I talk to Yue Shen about his catalogs of black hole masses (or maybe it was line widths). I don't know how different this is to the catalog that Ian McGreer has given us.

He also thought that perhaps we might want to do a separation by Eddington ratio and see if there is a clustering dependence there.

He was very helpful, and overall a productive meeting.

I've been working on trying to get a stronger clustering signal separation. So far divided the QSO sample into even brighter/dimmer sets. As well as applying a uniform redshift selection to my two samples to see if what I am measuring is actually a redshift separation, not luminosity. Fun fun fun!

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