Friday, September 23, 2011

Blogging Update

I've been a very bad blogger recently. Basically this is because I've been spending all my time working on a project with people at Berkeley, and so there isn't as much need to post, as I was mainly using this blog to communicate to Alexia on our project. Alexia, if you are reading this I haven't given up on our project, and in fact much of the work I am doing now will be useful for us. However, considering I want to graduate this year, I've been pushing forward on this new project that is working, and close to being publishable.

My collaborators at Berkeley have wanted me to keep quiet about my new project's results (until we publish), and so I've not been able to post plots etc. for this project. However, I do find it helpful for organization and motivation to write on this blog, so I think I'll start writing on it again, if nothing else that to say what I did that day.

I've been working a lot of error analysis for my correlation functions. I have bootstrap/jackknife analysis in place and have been doing various fits to the correlation function to try to figure out the errors. It's strange because depending on what fitting methods I use, I get wildly different errors... and sometimes it seems like I am getting a statistically significant result (3+ sigma) and other times not.

I've also been much better at writing self-contained code that is easily re-runnable. I used to drive Alexia crazy will all the "cutting and pasting" I was doing. Well no more. I know am doing object-oriented programs with lots of functions etc. It's actually really nice.

I've been learning a lot more about python. Using cool fitting tools and statistics tools. Python is such a powerful language.

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  1. Hey. I am reading it. In fact, I've been assuming (since your announcement of graduating/joining the job market) that you had decided to can our project for now. Glad to hear you are finally working with folks there on something exciting, and good luck writing your thesis and everything. Let me know if you need any help/advice, I might have something useful to say about fitting methods and the ins and outs of python canned statistics routines...