Thursday, June 9, 2011

More QSO-Galaxy Cross Correlations

Here are the QSO-Galaxy Cross-Correlations comparing high/low redshift QSOs. I divide the QSO sample in half (0.5 < z < 0.77) & (0.77 < z <1.0):

(plots on wiki)

Here are the QSO-Galaxy Cross Correlations comparing bright/dim QSOs. I divide the QSO sample into the 1/3 brightest (20.20 < g-mag < 16.17) and 1/3 dimest (25.87

(plots on wiki)

It's pretty interesting that there seems to be a difference in the correlation functions for bright/dim objects. I am not sure if we should expect this. The redshift distribution of these objects is similar, so that points to the fact that these objects are actually brighter (not sure further away). I'm hoping to do this in terms of high/low luminosity... but I need to figure out the absolute magnitudes of these objects first. Have pinged Ross about this. More to come...

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