Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Comparing Luminosity Functions

Here is instructions for running different luminosity functions for comparison:

;Changing the luminosity function with Joe's new code
;code location: /home/jessica/lumnew

1) Change the location where the luminosity function is saved.
a) Open
b) Change textout = './locationToSave.dat'
c) Change the LUMFUNCTION so that it is using the one you want it to:
LUMFUNCTION = 'HRH07' ; Hopkins, Richards, Hernquist 2007
;LUMFUNCTION = 'J06' ; Jiang 2006
;LUMFUNCTION = 'R06' ; Richards 2006
d) Change Z_MIN and Z_MAX to be the proper redshift range.

2) Run hiz_qso_dndz make quasar luminosity function:
idl lum.out 2> lum.err &

3) Change to point to the luminosity function:
dNdz_file = './dNdz_hrh_z_0.5-5.0.dat'

dNdz_file = './dNdz_jiang_z_0.5-5.0.dat'

dNdz_file = './dNdz_richards_z_0.5-5.0.dat'

4) Run QSO Catalog:
idl hkn.out 2> hkn.err &

Generates the following QSO Catalogs:

5) Change so it points to new catalogs:

file2 = "/home/jessica/lumnew/QSO_Catalog_HRH_07.fits"
file2 = "/home/jessica/lumnew/QSO_Catalog_Richards_06.fits"
file2 = "/home/jessica/lumnew/QSO_Catalog_Jiang_06.fits"

6) Run likelihood.script

./likelihood.script hrh07
./likelihood.script j06run
./likelihood.script r06run

Also in the following log file:

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