Saturday, April 24, 2010

Likelihood Test Results (1)

The first test I did was to just put in the BOSS + Known QSOs into the QSO Catalog and see if that helped things. It didn't seem to make much of a difference:

Old Likelihood:
IDL> print, n_elements(ql) ; number quasars
IDL> print, n_elements(ql)*1.0/(n_elements(sl)+n_elements(ql)) ;percent accuracy
IDL> print, n_elements(ql) + n_elements(sl) ; total targeted

New Likelihood:
IDL> print, n_elements(nql) ; number quasars
IDL> print, n_elements(nql)*1.0/(n_elements(nsl)+n_elements(nql)) ;percent accuracy
IDL> print, n_elements(nql) + n_elements(nsl) ; total targeted

The white points were targeted/missed by both the new and old likelihoods
The magenta points were only targeted/missed by the new likelihood
The cyan points were only targeted/missed by the old likelihood

The logfile is ../logs/
I've saved the files for this run in the following directory:
The QSO catalog I used for this run is the following:

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