Sunday, April 4, 2010

Eclipse Re-Installation

Riemann has been offline for the last 24 hours and so I haven't been able to do any work. Thus I finished my taxes, cleaned my room, did laundry and have fixed a bunch of problems with my computer which I had been putting off. One of these problems was an error I was getting in Eclipse (my python editor was closing unexpectedly and it wouldn't update the software). I completely re-installed Eclipse and because this is a little involved and I don't do it very often I thought I'd outline it here so that if I ever need to do it again it will be easier.
  1. Install Eclipse for C/C++ (download here)
  2. In Eclipse go to Help → Install New Software...
  3. Install the Python Extension:
  4. Install the IDL Extension:
  5. Install the Subversion Extension:
I also had to update my Mac's version of subversion by downloading it here:

It required me registering which I did with my favorite user name and password.

Eclipse seems to be working great now. No more crashing, and it opens and closes much faster. It automatically updates (before it had errors every time I tried to update). And now riemann is up again, so I can do some actual research.

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