Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Struggling with Eclipse

I use Eclipse to interface with the SVN repository where Alexia and I share our code. At some point in the last month the repository location at Princeton was moved, and this caused Eclipse to be unhappy. I should be able to change the location of the repository in the following way:

Go to "SVN Repositories" perspective, right click on current repository and "relocate" to new location.

This failed.

So, I had to re-download it manually, transfer files that were newer on my system to the new repository and then update manually, then add the new repository to Eclipse and delete the old one. Annoying!

However, I did discover that there is a way to ignore certain types of files from being checked in using Eclipse. You do this by going to "Pydev Package Explorer" and then right-clicking on a file, and then select "Team" and then "Add to SVN Ignore." This is helpful to not automatically load the large .dat files to the repository.

Now that I have everything working again, time to explore the new file....

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