Friday, December 2, 2011

Practice Job Talk

Today I did a practice job/qual talk with my group a few extra post-docs at LBNL. Below are some feedback/notes. I also have emailed notes from Beth, David and Genevieve.

*Show some plots of the 5D parameter space which shows the redshift evolution of quasars in that space and compares them to stars. Apparently there is something like this in Ross 2011.
*Also note the increase in errors with increased redshift.
*This will allow you to easily answer questions about why targeting is hard in this redshift range.
*redshift distribution plot -- what causes those bumps.
*More motivation -- show right away that 1/2 as many quasars would be targeted if we hadn't done this.
*Be able to answer questions about the quasars that we missed. Are they biased? Talk to McGreer about his models...
*Why did we go from 2 -> 3 arc seconds from sdss 2 to boss
be able to explain EVERYTHING you put on a slide.
*BOSS did do imaging (not just spectroscopic)
*Introduce terms better
*More set-up

*Need to connect more to models and interpretations
*Outline plan moving forward with modeling.

*Need a timeline to finish
*Need to talk about third (mini) project to finish off PhD

*MW likes to ask about dark matter.
*SP likes to ask about what is the main contribution to your errors.
*Should be able to be able to derive the likelihood equations, write down baye's theorem, understand what it means.
*Read Eisenstein 2007 about BAO understand more about where that comes from
*Be able to write down the equation of state. Derive dark energy stuff.
*Know more about what goes into the different luminosity functions.
*Need to be aware of shaky voice
*Dress comfortable
*Upturn in tone, like asking a question.

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