Friday, December 9, 2011

Chat with Nikhil

I talked to Nikhil last night about the post-doc / job search. He said some interesting things that I thought I should write here.
  • Letters are the most important thing. Good letters are more important than a good CV or research statement.
  • A good research statement is a statement that is tailored to the university you are applying to. Show that you have some interest in / idea about the work going on there.
  • Professionally it isn't great to stay at the same place, but people understand if there are extenuating circumstances (two body problem etc).
  • Get as many people as possible to look over your applications, especially those that have been on hiring committees.
  • Get on a hiring committee / grant review committee. That's how you learn what people are looking for.
Helpful information. But now I am afraid that I didn't tailor my applications enough for the specific universities.

I ended up applying to 15 postdocs and 8 faculty positions. My work is done, now I just have to hope that someone wants me.

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