Thursday, January 27, 2011

Antonio's Catalogs

I talked to Antonio Cuesta today (at Schlegel's direction) about possible catalogs for my photo-z data set. He has been using the following photo-z catalogs:

These are the full CMASS sets. It might be the same things that Shirley gave me. He said I should get the mask from Shirley, so I have a feeling it is what she already gave me.

I've downloaded them and put there here:

Will talk to Shirley about the masks for these.

Thanks Antonio!

I'm still doing the edits on this darn likelihood paper. It is taking WAY longer than I expected and I am so ready to be done with this paper.

Enraging moment of the week: I spent ~1 week a while back figuring out how to make these awesome temperature contour plots as requested by a co-author. In the latest version of the paper the same co-author asked me to remove said plots. Oh the joys of science collaboration,.

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