Friday, December 10, 2010

Using the Whole Footprint with Masks

For the past few days I've been working on using masks to run correlation functions on the whole BOSS footprint. It's required learning how to use polygon masks and also to create randoms in these masks. Here is the code/testing:

To mask BOSS data (spectroscopic set)

;Read in BOSS data
bossgalaxies = '/home/jessica/boss/spAll-v5_4_14.fits'
spall = mrdfits(bossgalaxies, 1)

;Trim BOSS data to be a galaxy (remove QSOs, starts, etc)
isgal = where(spall.specprimary EQ 1 $
AND (spall.boss_target1 AND 2L^0+2L^1+2L^2+2L^3+2L^7) NE 0 $
AND strmatch(spall.class,'GALAXY*') $
AND spall.zwarning EQ 0)

;Select galaxies
galaxies = spall[isgal]
ra = galaxies.ra
dec = galaxies.dec
z = galaxies.z

;Select objects in the masks
weights = maskdataboth(ra,dec,z)

; Readout ra, dec, redshift of spectroscopic objects inside mask
thisfile = '/home/jessica/boss/spectroRaDecZMasked.dat'

The code for maskdataboth is here:

'maskdataboth' filters the data through both the BOSS mask and Shirley's mask to make sure the data sets are in the same ra/dec footprint.

To Mask Shirley's Data (photometric set)

;Read in Shirley's Photometric Data
file1 = "/home/shirleyho/research/SDSS_PK/powerspec_dir/DATA/ra_dec_z_run_rerun_camcol.z_gt_0.01"
readcol, file1, pra, pdec, pz, RUN, rerun, camcol, x, x, x, x, x, x, x, x, format='(F,F,F,D,D,D,D,D,F,F,F,F,F,F)'

;Select objects in the masks
pweights = maskdataboth(pra,pdec,pz)

; Readout ra, dec, redshift of spectroscopic objects inside mask
thisfile = '/home/jessica/boss/photoRaDecZMasked.dat'

Here are plots of the data sets to show that they do indeed fall in the same region of the sky:

Both these data sets are saved in the following directory: /home/jessica/boss/
The code to run this is here: ../logs/

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