Friday, December 3, 2010

BOSS Galaxies

Spent today getting the BOSS Galaxies in the correct form to use as my spectroscopic data set. Here's what I did:

1) Downloaded latest spAll file from here to ~/boss/:

2) In IDL, trim the data to be galaxies in stripe 82:
bossgalaxies = '/home/jessica/boss/spAll-v5_4_14.fits'
spall = mrdfits(bossgalaxies, 1)

stripe82gal = where(((spall.ra LE 60.0) OR (spall.ra GE 300.)) $
and ((spall.dec GE -1.25) and (spall.dec LE 1.25)) $
AND spall.specprimary EQ 1 $
AND (spall.boss_target1 AND 2L^0+2L^1+2L^2+2L^3+2L^7) NE 0 $
AND strmatch(spall.class,'GALAXY*') $
AND spall.zwarning EQ 0

3) Write these galaxies out to a col delimited file that python can read:
thisfile = '/home/jessica/boss/BOSSstripe82RaDec.dat'
writecol, thisfile, spall[stripe82gal].ra, spall[stripe82gal].dec, spall[stripe82gal].z

4) Do the same to Shirley Ho's photometric LRG file:
shirleydata = "/home/shirleyho/research/SDSS_PK/powerspec_dir/DATA/ra_dec_z_run_rerun_camcol.z_gt_0.01"
readcol, shirleydata, RA, DEC, z, RUN, rerun, camcol, x, x, x, x, x, x, x, x, format='(F,F,F,D,D,D,D,D,F,F,F,F,F,F)'
datasize = n_elements(ra)

;Data just within stripe 82
stripe82all = where(((ra LE 60.0) OR (ra GT 305.)) $
and ((dec GE -1.25) and (dec LE 1.25)))

; Readout ra, dec, redshift of stripe 82 Shirly objects
thisfile = '/home/jessica/boss/ShirlyDataRaDec.dat'
writecol, thisfile, ra[stripe82all], dec[stripe82all], z[stripe82all]

If I want to use the whole BOSS Galaxy footprint I have a mask here from Martin White:

You can read this file like so:

infile = "./bossX.002.ply"
read_mangle_polygons, infile, polygons, id

There are more functions in idlutils in playing with the mask.

Now I am trying to do the reconstruction on these two data sets. Using BOSS as the spectroscopic set and Shirley's LRG galaxies as the spectroscopic galaxies.

Here are some plots of the two sets of data:

The log file to make these data files and plots is here:

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