Monday, June 28, 2010

Reconstruction for Alexia

I'm back in Berkeley and very grateful to be in the cool weather and sleeping in my own bed. I seriously don't know how East Coast people handle that summer humidity.

I've spent the day getting my reconstruction code into shape for passing it over to Alexia to debug. Some lessons learned today are as follows:

1) I need to stop doing this "copy and paste" thing with python. Time to write up some more functions and get everything in execution mode... Alexia is right, I am wrong.

2) Some plotting tricks:
I've turned my plotting code into some plotting functions (see plotWPS and plotXi functions ../pythonjess/

These functions now save the plots into the runDirectory as png files. You can look at them over terminal by typing:

> display plotname.png

They look like this (well why are white on black,
I need to figure out how to make them be white-on-black)

If you look at the inner working of these functions I use some commands do the pylab.gcf to set the size and print to a file. I think somewhere in there I can set up a color scheme. Should look into this. I used this web page to help me configure the above plot though.

3) I still don't really understand the different types of ways to write python functions. I've been defining functions as follows:

def function(arguments):
----Insert function code here
----return(thing to return)

However it seems like I can also just have a set of code (like a main function in C) that calls a bunch of other functions and isn't a self-contained function... and Demitri said that I just need the following line at the top of the code to make it executable in python:

But then at scicoder, Demitri also said that I should create everything as a class. So I guess I just need to figure out what the difference between a class, def, and then just code in a file is.... Maybe Demitri, Alexia, Josh or Adam can help me?

However, as a result of all this effort, I now have code that runs the reconstruction from head-to-tail, and re-runs it once you have already made the correlation functions, and re-runs it with different phi-binning. They are in the following files:


These files are the logfiles for today.

Best reconstruction Plot:


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