Wednesday, June 2, 2010

More likelihood testing

The next test I am running the likelihood with the BOSS QSO's included (I did this before, but it was when I was setting the thresholds wrong, so I'm trying it again).

1. First I make a catalog of all the BOSS and otherwise known QSOs which aren't already in the inputs for which we also have coadded fluxes by spherematching them with the varcat files. The code to do this is in the following log file ../logs/ This makes a file: ~/boss/coaddedALLQSOs.fits which has the coadded fluxes (from varcat files) and redshifts of these QSOs. These fluxes are not de-reddened. I've also added the ra/dec to this structure because Schlegel just reminded me of a function of the likelihood_compute that excludes any object in the QSO Catalog when doing the calculation of the likelihoods that has the same ra/dec as the test object. There are 6,063 QSOs in this file.

Here is a plot of these quasars

2. Combine this BOSS catalog with SDSS DR5 quasars that are included in the old version of the Monte Carlo. This is done by running Joe Hennawi's program (to get the SDSS DR5 QSOs), reading in coaddedBOSSQSOs file, de-reddening them both, and then merging them into one file, which is then saved as ~/boss/allbrightQSOMCInput.fits. The code to do this is in the following log file ../logs/ (I tried to do this with the SDSS DR7 and was having some problems converting from magnitudes to psffluxes)

allbrightQSOMCInput.fits QSOs

3. Change to read in the ~/boss/allbrightQSOMCInput.fits file instead of just running Save this modified program as ../likelihood/qsocatalog/

4. Change to call, instead of and save as ../likelihood/qsocatalog/

5. Follow instructions from this post for how to change/create the luminosity function.

6. Enter the command :
.run into IDL to generate QSO Catalog.

7. Change so that it points to this QSO Catalog that you just generated as the input QSO Catalog:
; Read in the QSO
filefile2 = '/home/jessica/repository/ccpzcalib/Jessica/likelihood/qsocatalog/QSOCatalog-Mon-Jun-7-13:56:32-2010.fits'

QSO Catalog (including the BOSS quasars)
Code to generate plots is in the log file: ../logs/

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