Monday, February 1, 2010

To Do List

Had a meeting with Schlegel today and left with a long list of things to do:
  1. Try running reconstruction on Eyal's LRG catalog, which means making a version of the code to take in a set of randoms as well as the data (instead of generating the randoms within the code). This will be useful for the BOSS Commissioning data because they will similarly have a set of randoms that occupy the same region as the galaxies.
  2. Write code to get the galaxies/redshifts from the BOSS Commissioning data
  3. Try to figure out why the likelihood is missing objects. Do this by looking at the three methods and making a plot of i-magitude vs redshift where the colors of the objects are coded by the selection algorithms. For instance: LIKE = yellow, NN = blue, KDE = red, LIKE+NN = Green, LIKE + KDE = Orange, NN + KDE = purple, LIKE+NN+KDE = Brown.
  4. Need to put out external collaborator request and project announcement for the Newman Project.
  5. Have been asked to give a talk about likelihood (and possibly also) Newman Project at the SDSS Collaboration meeting. Need to flush out what I'm going to talk about.
  6. I'm running a large reconstruction run on 1,000,000 points. When that finishes, need to see if reconstruction looks any better. It is in the directory: run201021_037
  7. I have saved the IDL code that Schlegel run today to look at BOSS Data in the following log file: /logs/
  8. I still haven't worked out what caused the MaxList error in the xiss0.dat file in run run2010129_333
  9. Book travel for Utah.
  10. Write check to LBL for Mexico Flight.

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