Tuesday, June 19, 2012

TeXShop and .ps or .eps Files

I am frantically writing my thesis right now, so most of my "research" has to do with struggling with LaTex at the moment.

I am using TeXShop on Mac OS X to LaTeX my thesis.  I've encountered the problem that TeXShop doesn't seem to like .ps or .eps files.   So it requires some finagling to get TeXShop to handle these files.  Here are some tricks I've found:

1) Convert the .(e)ps files to PDF:

In a terminal window write the following command
ps2pdf filetoconvert.ps
eps2pdf filetoconvert.eps

This will produce the following file: filetoconvert.pdf

If you want to do a whole slew of files in a directory you can use the following script:

for x in *.ps; do
echo $x;
ps2pdf $x ${x/%ps/pdf};

2) Use Conversion Packages in TeXShop:


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  1. Thanks Jessica, helped a lot! I actually needed to do the opposite: pdf to ps translation (ACM publication requirement). I used the program "pdf2ps". Worked like a charm in the first attempt. I just was needing your clue about these programs ;-)