Tuesday, May 10, 2011

xmpl_rv, ximat and sximat

Alexia I suggested to look at xmpl_rv (ximat) and sximat to make sure that the interpolation of the xi matrix is in the same location as the xi matrices from the data.

The results are surprising. First of all, the plot of ximat vs sximat is basically a flat line, when plotted log space (click on images to enlarge):

The above plot has sximat, ximat for 3 different binnings (39, 40, and 41) and the plots basically all fall on top of each other. This is from the best "working" reconstruction mock data, described here.

But they don't fall on top of the xi correlation functions from the data:

I thought maybe this was a conversion issue, but I checked and I think they are in the same units. In order to even get the cximat to fall on top of the xi correlation functions you need to divide by 10^4:

Alexia am I doing this right? Is this weird to you?

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  1. Yes it's weird and it's wrong. We need to track down where the Xi_ss interpolation is going wrong. Obviously the reconstruction cannot work if the correlation functions we are plugging in A) have no shape and no redshift dependance and B) bear no relation to the actual 3DCF... Let's talk today.