Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Re-running Luminosity Functions

I needed to re-run the efficiency/completeness calculations for the three different luminosity functions, with the corrected computations that Adam Myers helped me come up with.

I re-ran them over the weekend, and to try to make things run faster, I ran with a higher spectroscopic completeness (less objects). But unfortunately this caused my numbers to be much lower than when I used a larger set...

completeness threshold = 0.5
20 targets / deg^2, completeness = 46%, efficiency = 58%
40 targets / deg^2, completeness = 62%, efficiency = 41%

completeness threshold = 0.8
20 targets / deg^2, completeness = 43%, efficiency = 52%
40 targets / deg^2, completeness = 58%, efficiency = 35%

So, I've set some runs going on the larger sets (completeness threshold = 0.5).

The code to do this is in the following log file:

The runs are in the following directories:

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