Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Masking both Data and Randoms

I've masked both the data and the randoms now:

The randoms (magenta) now fall exactly on top of the data (cyan). The code to do this is as follows:

;Read in data
file1 = "/home/shirleyho/research/SDSS_PK/powerspec_dir/DATA/ra_dec_z_run_rerun_camcol.z_gt_0.01"

readcol, file1, RA, DEC, z, RUN, rerun, camcol, x, x, x, x, x, x, x, x, format='(F,F,F,D,D,D,D,D,F,F,F,F,F,F)'

datasize = n_elements(ra)

;Read in mask
file = "/home/shirleyho/research/SDSS_PK/powerspec_dir/MASK_SDSS/dir_fits/tmp_unified_score_ebv_psf_bsm_nside1024.fits"

read_fits_map, file, weight, nside=nside_in, ordering=order

index = 0L
;Convert ra/dec to phi/theta expected in HEALPix
dataphi = ra*!pi/180.
datatheta = (90.0-dec)*!pi/180.
;Will be filled in with weight corresponding to ra/dec of data
dataweight = findgen(datasize)*0.0

;Function I wrote to get the weight for the data
junk = maskdata(datatheta, dataphi, index, datasize, nside_in, weight, dataweight)
;Only keeps data with a weight greater than 0.2 (inside mask)
datacut = where(dataweight GE 0.2)

;Make the randoms
randomsize = datasize*5L
randomtheta = findgen(randomsize)*0.0
randomphi = findgen(randomsize)*0.0
index = 0L
;Function I wrote to fill in randomtheta and randomphi with points inside the mask
junk = makemaskrandoms(randomtheta, randomphi, index, randomsize, nside_in, weight)

;Plot the data and the randoms
plot, ra[sub], dec[sub], psym=3, symsize=2, xr=[0,360],yr=[0,90], XTITLE = "RA", YTITLE = "DEC", TITLE = "RA vs Dec of Data and Randoms", charsize = 2, charthick = 1, thick = 2, xthick=2, ythick=2
oplot, ra[datacut], dec[datacut], psym=3, color=fsc_color('cyan')
oplot, randomra[0:100000], randomdec[0:100000], psy = 3, color=fsc_color('magenta')

Now to compute some correlation functions!

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